Learn About Ric Murphy

From Boston, Ric Murphy is known to be a historian and educator. His interest in history and writing is what has made home one of the most awarded historian authors. He has received over eight awards for writing some of the best historical, non-fiction stories you will find. What leads to him starting writing is him hearing about the rich family background he has. This is what lead to him starting his hobby in the genealogical research.

What you need to note is Ric Murphy lineage comes from one of the earliest colonial periods of the Plymouth, Massachusetts. The other thing you need to note is the lineage also has ties in Jamestown, Virginia. What you need to note in the history of Ric Murphy is legit as the lineage is one has not only been evaluated, but it is also recognized by the several hereditary societies like the Daughter of American revolutions, The sons of American revolutions, the National Society of the Sons of Colonial New England, The sons of the Union Veterans of the civil war and the Sons and Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passage. Some of these societies are known for their history and connection to the black communities. Some organizations connected to the book written by Ric are those doing research on black history and how they got to America. What you need to understand is Ric books is an opener to most people doing research on their history.

What makes Ric stand out is the fact he is a masterful storyteller. What you need to note is the fact he is able to share the rich history, and major contributions were made by African Americans. What makes his stories stand out is the research he made, and some of the stories dates as back as four hundred years back. In addition to his research, the stories he sells are clear and compelling. It is the insight he offers from the past that makes him one of the best authors, and one who has managed to open up history in a way is compelling and easy to comprehend.

The other thing you have to note is the Ric Murphy Author  is not only great with writing books but also speaking. His rich understanding of the African American culture and research is what makes him a great speaker. He has a lot to share on his research, and all could not be written down in a few pages. For those who are looking to understand the history of African Americans coming in Africa or those doing research on their background, they will have a lot to learn from Ric Murphy.

Ric Murphy Author has two books, one tells of a story of an African-American who was an aircraft carrier commander. The commander Lawrence Cleaved plays a vital role in the USS Midway during the Vietnam War. The book highlights the early life and career are inclusive of the desecration of the U.S. Navy during a time of racial strife. The other book written by Ric Murphy is highlighted is one of the oldest recorded African American family and their participation as well as the rich contributions to American History. What you need to understand is this book starts from Africa in 1948 and then spans over fifteen generations going through three continents.